Homestead Exemption Audit Tools

Linebarger Analytics & Information Services, LLC (LAIS) offers clients a suite of Homestead Exemption Audit (HEA) and related services. Discover how our first-in-class tools can detect and remove exemptions and other tax benefits that are based on erroneous claims of primary residence. Since 2012, our processes have helped clients scrutinize exemption data, restore full value to tax rolls, and recover missing tax revenue tied to hidden instances of intentional fraud, honest mistakes and clerical errors.

The Process

World-class technology combined with subject- matter expertise gives our clients the LAIS edge.

In a critical first step, we cleanse and standardize each client’s data. Then, we process those files using an automated algorithm developed and fine-tuned over years of tax-discovery experience. Each principal-residence claim is examined in depth, highlighting instances where the data suggests a residential owner is deceased, does not primarily reside at the property, or has claimed multiple primary residences. We mine unparalleled, nationwide public and private information sources maintained by our partner TransUnion®. Originally designed to examine Texas Homestead Exemptions, the tools can easily be customized and aimed at other primary residence determinations according to client’s requirements and business rules.

Intelligent Candidate List™ (ICL™)

The LAIS process produces the Intelligent Candidate List. The ICL identifies and informs clients about suspect accounts - candidates for ineligibility - to guide and direct further research and decision-making. Beyond identifying the accounts, we provide supplemental services that reduce the client’s staff time in determining eligibility for tax breaks. Those include:

  • Numeric scoring and ranking, reflecting the likelihood of ineligibility
  • Reason(s) for suspected ineligibility
  • Supporting data

ICL+ Service

Our ICL+ service provides all the benefits of the ICL, plus optional a-la-carte services, including:

  • Staff training
  • Online research tools
  • Case management system
  • Research: experienced auditors to supplement client staff
  • Taxpayer contact through direct mail, e-mail, or dedicated call centers
  • Computation of revenue impact (for tax bill preparation)
  • Customized analysis of specific subsets of accounts

The Final Decision is Yours

LAIS’ services help ensure that tax relief is granted to those for whom it was intended. We provide the detailed, reliable intelligence needed to detect and make confident decisions on eligibility. LAIS tailors its services to each client’s needs, goals, and resources. This empowers agencies to clean their rolls, promote greater compliance with the law, and make sure homeowners get just the tax relief they deserve. Depending on the jurisdiction, the LAIS solution can enable recapture of past-due taxes and return value to the rolls for years to come. The bottom line: increased integrity of tax data, plus additional tax revenue for public services - without fee hikes or tax increases.